ERD Holdings Korea Co., Ltd. is established in Seoul, for the trade business of exporting a variety of products from China to all over the world and importing to China, and for the purpose of smoothly supplying a variety of supplies to resort and hospiital projects that are invested in all parts of Asia

We, ERD Holdings Korea, wish to grow into a professional trade and distribution company, which provides a comprehensive service starting from the simple trade business and even to the maritime and air trasport, storage and customs clearance on the international freight (service) in future. Many interests and supports of esteemed corporate clients would be highly appreciated.

ERD Holdings Korea anticipates market strengths and weaknesses and manages its real estate portfolio accordingly. We built our reputation by identifying undervalued or underutilized properties, acquiring them and strategically increasing the value of the holdings.

Because we adhere to strict standards and a stated objective for every project, we have attracted enviable sources of financing. Long-standing relationships with equity partners and lenders continues to ensure that ERD Holdings Korea fulfills its vision for each project.

A real estate project cannot flourish without dedicated and close supervision. From the time a project is born, ERD Holdings Korea strategically manages it to maximize long-term viability and yield, regardless of size, value or market sector.

Whether managing commercial or residential projects, ERD Holdings Korea provides its clientele with far-reaching expertise from seasoned professionals. Every aspect of the project is actively managed including pre-leasing, pre-construction, land development and vertical construction and promotion, tenant and builder relations, financial management, and marketing.

We believe technology does make a difference in creating successful web-applications. Therefore ERD Holdings Korea prides itself in being technologically innovative. We have smiling and friendly developers that can extend your in-house development team or that run projects by themselves.