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I appreciated that Korea is a peninsula which is reachable to anywhere before I complain about its small land that the three sides are surrounded by sea. I also appreciated the condition of Korea that made me have a dream to be a great entrepreneur before I blamed that Korea was a small and weak country.

Since I am the one of people of Korea, ERD Holdings Korea could stand strongly in China with unlimited potential power and possibility.

On the basis of positive thinking and creative spirit with the emphasis on ceaseless progress, to become the center of leisure industry in Asia pivoting China, we will focus on business development, advancement and expansion by constructing the World best & biggest Theme Park, China-Korea friendship hospital, Best quality resort and etc that will play an important role to improve Human’s Happiness level.

All executives and staff members of ERD Holdings Korea promise that we will constantly make the best effort to multiply human’s enjoyment, establish comprehensive theme space, gentrify resort facilities and create dream space enabling everyone to be happy.

We would heartily appreciate your further attention and support, may your family always be fulfilled with health and happiness.

Thank you.

1st November, 2011

ERD Holdings Korea Co.,Ltd.
CEO & President   Joseph Kang