Circles of three different colors symbolize asia arrangement of these three circles in form of an equilateral triangle shows the business direction of ERD HOLDINGS which strive for the balanced development of each region.

By shaping the compass which points toward east, west, south and north. It shows a will to move forward without losing the direction from the beginning to eternity.

The one big circle placed in the center shows the business of ERD HOLDINGS which advence toward a goal of balanced development of three regions with asia as the central figure throuch the integration of each factor constituting CI.

The image of the earth expressed the continent of ASIA as its center shows an investment and development field of ERD HOLDINGS which makes the whole asian region an object.

The name of ERD MEANS: have the balanced development of three regions (ASIA, EUROPE and AFRICA) as our object through an investments and development by lawful rights of the company and continue our business for eternity and through this. The company staff members shall endeavor with devotion for the company and the world and the good of makind..